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A Matter of Style

A Matter of Style
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A Matter of Style is a compilation of President Richard Warch's convocation addresses from 1979-2003.

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"There’s a reason why the largest and loveliest building on our campus bears the names of Rik and Margot Warch. To see what I mean, just take a look at this book, which gathers up Rik’s convocation addresses—all 25 of them—plus a few of his other writings. In these pages, Rik advances strong and stylish arguments for the enduring value of liberal education. Along the way, he explains why Unamuno begs to differ, tells what happened when Miss Manners went to college, and reminds us that our business here is to learn. Like the Campus Center itself, this book is not simply a reminder of all that he has done for Lawrence; it’s a splendid embodiment of his legacy, essential reading for anyone who cares about this place.

—Tim Spurgin, associate professor of English
and Bonnie Glidden Buchanan Professor of English Literature


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