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ORC Survival Basket

ORC Survival Basket
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Survival Baskets are bags of goodies which are hand delivered to studentsí doorsteps the weekend before finals week of each term with a hand written note of encouragement. Each basket is packed with all sorts of food and they are designed to meet the diverse dietary needs of a stressed-out finals week student. Typically they include: apples, oranges, fruit juice, Sun Chips, Gardettos, Chex-Mix, popcorn, cookies, Ramen and various other snacks. Gluten Free and vegetarian options are available, and we also cater to food allergies. ORC Club members purchase, assemble, and deliver the food items to your studentsí door. Survival Basket profits support ORC activities on and off campus. In the past few years, Survival Basket funds have largely gone towards the purchase of new, top of the line gear. Recent purchases have included mountain bikes, sleeping bags, tents, and kayaks. Funding has also supported on-campus outreach programs and subsidized trip costs. Additionally, Survival Basket funds are used to subsidize Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder courses to promote safe outdoor recreation. We encourage you to order a Survival Basket for your student for each of the weekends before finals, and include a personal hand-written message to support your student at this stressful time.

ORC Survival Baskets are filled by the student-run organization. Send an email to for more information.


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